Is CBD Legal in Australia?

Yes, CBD is legal as long as it is prescribed by a authorised medical practitioner with a prescription.

Will CBD make me feel 'high' or 'stoned'?

No, CBD medicine has little of no THC and will not make you feel 'stoned'

Will CBD affect my driving?

CBD can have small quantities of THC and this may be detected by Police. Consult you GP for details on your prescription and how best to use in conjunction with driving.

Can I make my own CBD medicine?

We do not suggest that you make your own CBD as it is illegal and you will most likely not be able to determine the quality of the material that you start with. You will also not be able to accurately determine the levels of CBD and THC without Lab testing.

Can Children take CBD medicine?

Children are often prescribed with CBD medication, we strongly suggest that you speak with your medical practitioner before administering any CBD to children.